Miroslava Duma Makes Second Public Apology in 24 hours

Miroslava Duma has made a public apology for the second time in 24 hours after facing a barrage of criticism from the fashion community. The Russian fashion editor and founder of Buro 24/7 – who was forced to apologise on Tuesday after posting a racial slur to Instagram Stories – has come forward to explain herself once again after a video emerged of her making transphobic and homophobic comments back in 2012.

“First things first, I am deeply ashamed by the comments I made in 2012,” Duma said on Instagram. “Frankly, I’m as shocked as anyone to be viewing that footage today, and to see for my own eyes how utterly offensive and hurtful my actions were back then.”

Duma was referring to a video that emerged on Twitter yesterday that showed her speaking (in Russian) to a room full of students. When asked what she thought of men wearing women’s clothes and more specifically, of blogger BryanBoy and transgender model Andreja Pejić, she argued that they are “weird” and should be censored.

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“Thank God there aren’t many of them,” she said. “Honestly, I dislike that because somewhere, on TV or in a magazine, a little boy could see it and that boy wouldn’t understand correctly, react correctly. I think a certain kind of censorship and refined culture is needed here.”

She goes on to say that she would never publish people like them on her website because they have “too much respect” for their readers. Duma also goes on to have an unnecessary dig at her now close friend Kim Kardashian, saying that people like her and Paris Hilton would also never make it onto the site.

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“We have censorship at Buro and we’re very concerned about the beauty and the purity of the things we publish,” she said.

In Duma’s apology, she argues that she is no longer the person she was six years ago and she has been “committed to a journey of personal growth”. She also added that she doesn’t expect “instant forgiveness” but will do what it takes to win back people’s respect.

Read her apology in full below.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK