BAZAAR Dining Out Guide: Dessert Confidential

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Sugar High

Cheryl Koh, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2016 and pastry chef at Les Amis, on the lasting impressions of Michel Guérard

LATEST INSPIRATIONS … I had the opportunity to dine at Michel Guérard’s fine-dining Restaurant Michel Guérard, which is at its 40th year with three Michelin stars. I got to experience his showcase of strong cooking techniques and flavourful seasonal ingredients in classic French dishes, set amid flowers, fruits, and greenery  in his spa resort hotel, Les Prés d’Eugénie — Maison Guérard.

THE BEST DESSERT … The nectarine tart at La Ferme aux Grives in France. It is a combination of a well-made puff pastry and quality seasonal fruit plucked at its peak, to create a simple yet flavourful dessert. 

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