Experience Fine Cognac Craftsmanship with the House of Hennessy

For one month only, experience fine cognac craftsmanship with the house of Hennessy at Chef Darren Chin’s DC Restaurant. A rare gastronomic experience that has been one year in the making, the end product is a conscientious menu that perfectly embodies and complements the elegance of the Hennessy Paradis Impérial.

Chef Darren Chin, founder and head chef of DC Restaurant

Crafted by Chef Darren, whose dedication to unpretentious, versatile dishes is almost unparalleled in Kuala Lumpur’s culinary landscape, the spring menu shares similar veins with the Hennessy Paradis Impérial blend. Only 10 out of 10,000 of the eaux-die-vie from the Hennessy library of barrels make the journey towards the end of the harvest, into a Hennessy Paradis Impérial blend—each bottle of cognac a mark of Hennessy’s own relentless quest for perfection.

This art of selection that the house of Hennessy so champions is mirrored in Chef Darren’s own carefully curated menu for this experience, catering to the elegant complexities of the cognac and the tasteful palate of the diner. “To reinvent the essence of it, the menu uses the same unique processes that come into the creation of Hennessy Paradis Impérial,” says Chef Darren.

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Intrigued from the start, a whole Hokkaido live uni, served with truffled eggs and topped with a parsley emulsion, also set the tone, presented in a way that easily took me back to the first time I had live sea urchin cracked open in front of me in Japan. Chef Darren’s take for Hennessy is, obviously, less conventional, as the earthy flavours shined through its prickly exterior.

Whole Hokkaido live uni with truffled eggs and vegetal emulsion

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