5 Art Exhibitions To Visit in KL throughout June 2024

Ignite a sense of wonder and play through art.


There’s a unique allure to art exhibitions. Perhaps it’s the peaceful ambiance, the tranquil hush that wraps around you, or maybe it’s the solace you find as you lose yourself amidst the carefully curated space. I can never quite put a finger on it, but they never fail to draw me into my own world.

Undeniably, art is therapeutic. It speaks volumes without saying a single word. Each piece conveys an emotion, evoking nostalgia, ideas, comments, and sometimes even questions, all at once. Whether you’re an admirer, an artist, or simply curious, art exhibitions promise an enriching experience. This month, join BAZAAR in exploring that sense of intrigue within. 

Five exhibitions to visit in the month of June. 

1. ‘Piying Dream’, Light Exhibition (Feb 9th – Sep 6th, 2024)


First off, we have ‘Piying Dream,’ the world’s first immersive interpretation of the ancient art of Chinese Shadow Play. If you’re looking for an immersive experience, this exhibition is worth the visit. It pays tribute to the age-old art form of wayang kulit, using light as its primary medium. Co-produced by Temple of Light, the exhibition brings together artists from the Danny Rose Collective. The multidisciplinary collective is known for producing large-scale digital artworks sure to captivate its audiences.

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2. ‘Titik Garis Bentuk’, Group Exhibition (March 24th – July 28th, 2024)

ilham gallery

Photo by Ilham Gallery

Located at Level 5, Ilham Gallery.

Dive into contemporary Malaysian art with ‘Titik Garis Bentuk’, presented by Ilham Gallery. The exhibition focuses mainly on drawing as a finished art form. Here, you’ll get to learn the roles of drawing within the context of our Malaysian art scene. The diverse range of works displayed aims to challenge traditional notions of the technique. Moreover, expanding its definition beyond mere lines on two-dimensional surface. 

Since it is a group exhibition, you’ll be able to explore distinct approaches to drawing by 27 talented artists. Each of them tells a unique story, offering a glimpse into their creative minds. So, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this captivating display of artistic expression. Be sure to visit Ilham Gallery during its operating hours to experience it yourself.

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3. ‘Overture’, Solo Exhbition by Lee Wee Xian (June 18th – 30th, 2024)


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Located at AweGallery.

Explore Lee Wee Xian’s artistic journey at his first solo exhibition, coming soon in mid-June at Awe Gallery. Inspired by his birthplace in Melaka, the exhibition showcases the town where his passion for watercolour paintings grew. The show features a collection of Lee Wee Xian’s watercolour artworks, capturing his favourite places and the memories associated with them. It documents his thoughts and emotions, perfectly embodying how he uses art to balance life.

4. ‘Ningyō, Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls’ (May 7th – July 8th 2024)


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Located at Central Hall, Muzium Negara.

Discover the art and history of Ningyō at Muzium Negara. The exhibition features 67 Japanese dolls, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese doll culture. Explore various types of dolls, from Katashiro and Amagatsu—the archetypes of dolls in Japan—to local dolls that reflect the anecdotes from around the country, as well as decorated dolls adorning Japan today.

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This exhibition divides into four narratives, presenting as four uses of Ningyō within the Japanese culture. During seasonal festivals, Ningyō is used to pray for children’s growth. As fine art, Ningyō showcases various techniques, technologies and styles, used for appreciation. “Ningyō as folk art” highlights on local diversity and simple beauty, while the “diffusion of Ningyō culture” explores the diverse doll traditions that continue to this day.

5. ‘I Am Still Alive’, Solo Exhibition by Tan Lay Heong (June 1st – 30th, 2024)


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Located at O Sculpture, Hin Bus Depot.

Art for Environmental Change. O Sculpture presents “I Am Still Alive,” a solo exhibition by Tan Lay Heong, inspired by the plastic waste found along the seaside. This collection of works, crafted from waste materials, symbolises the immortal presence of plastic amidst the relentless ebb and flow of tides, day and night, year after year. The exhibition seamlessly showcases Tan Lay Heong’s artistic practice, serving as a powerful catalyst for deeper reflection on humanity’s fleeting existence on Earth. She hopes viewers will contemplate her work and reflect on our responsibilities as cohabitants of this planet.