Inside The Book Launch of Fashion Author Megan Hess at Vakkaru Maldives

Renowned fashion illustrator and author, Megan Hess launches her third book in the Claris series Claris: Bonjour Riviera, at Vakkaru Maldives. Surrounded by glistening turquoise waters and luxurious island settings, Vakkaru Maldives sets the scene for Claris’ new adventure in the French Riviera. Illustrating live for bespoke fashion shows around the world like Viktor & Rolf, Christian Dior Couture and Chopard at the 2019 Cannes International Film Festival, Hess now launches the new Claris series for her worldwide readers. This series is destined to delight readers passionate about everything fashion, across all ages. The perfect place to launch such delight—Vakkaru Maldives aims to inspire guests by creating timeless memories and effortlessly beautiful moments.


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