What Your Love and Luck Will Be Like In 2018, According To Your Chinese Zodiac

Take charge of your destiny and make the Year of the Earth Dog a year to remember with Chinese zodiac highlights from Dato’ Joey Yap, master of classical feng shui, Chinese astrology, and other Chinese metaphysics. Illustrations by Tiffany Choong.

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Your aura glows bright as you look forward to a magical year. Capture good luck coming your way as your engaging personality will attract the attention of a noble mentor. Be open to this generosity as it will open a lot of doors. Your career progression ahead is smooth sailing but working hard matters just as much because it brings greater satisfaction. However, you need to guard yourself against conflicts among your colleagues in the office. You may find yourself involved in gossip, so it’s best to keep neutral ground and not burn any bridges. If you’re single, expectations for finding a partner might be low this year, while couples who are stable shouldn’t wait too long to settle and make wedding plans. On the health end, do not brush off small symptoms as it might lead to bigger problems. Seek professional help to keep illness and bad energy at bay.

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Star trait: determined, honest and loyal

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