Insta-Stalking Must-Have Moroccan Style

With souks that entice the senses and riads full of amazing architecture, Morocco has been on design buffs’ must-visit list (and all over Instagram) for years. You may not have the frequent-flier miles (or the vacation time) for a jaunt halfway around the world, but don’t fret. BAZAAR has curated a list of designers and curators to follow on Instagram.

Keep It Curated à la @beckiowens

Just dipping your toe in the Moroccan pool? You can still make a statement, as Becki Owens does with a raspberry-and-brown global rug, a gold geometric pendant, and fringed foutas. Keeping the rest of the room in neutral white lets these featured pieces speak volumes.


Instagram @beckieowens

Don’t Be So Basic à la @dabito

You can’t have boho cool without bold hues and cool accessories. A cool global vibe can easily be attained with interesting accents (like a fringed basket) and brave color (trying painting your door a bright shade, like Dabito’s fun kelly green).


Instagram @dabito

Go Big on One Color à la @kellilamb

Have a favorite colour, like Kelli Lamb’s rich cobalt? Good—love it and use it wherever you can, albeit with interesting features, such as a tufted velvet banquette and Moroccan-inspired geometric tiling. Just tell everyone you’re going through your blue period.

Instagram Kelli Lamb

Instagram @KelliLamb

Embrace Organic à la @thejungalow

Mo’ patterns? No problems. This room from The Jungalow (shot by David Tsay for House Beautiful) goes global in a big way, mixing boho prints of all scales and colours. Leafy green plants and rough-hewn wooden accents ground the room, keeping it from feeling too busy. A great reason to encourage your green thumb!

Instagram @MorrocanOasis

Instagram @TheJungalow