The New Year Revolution


It’s about time we fire up a Revolution to quell all Resolutions.  Let 2018 be a pledge of commitments to challenge the norms, such as blatantly drinking alcohol, do not exercise, have a cheat day every day, procrastinate defiantly and be openly lazy.  If you wish to join the coup d'état, here are the win-win strategies:

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 Worship thyself 

For there is none more worthy.  Admire yourself in front of the mirror and repeat to your reflection, “You can’t possibly improve on perfection”. Don’t wait for compliments; start self-praising instead. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, invigorating and super beneficial to one’s ego.  So whenever you catch sight of your own image, instinctively curtsy and bow homage to your impeccable mirror-image.  No, no one is going to put you in the loony bin; just boldly inform them you have subscribed to a religion where you worship thyself. 

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