Poetic Moments


An array of tea at Bellocq

‘Tea is essentially a journey of water,’ muses Heidi Johannsen Stewart, one of the founders of Bellocq Tea Atelier, a fairytale-like shop which began in London and now with their second store in New York, the finely crafted tea trend is blazing through the world. Bellocq, a magical tea parlor where bowls of chamomile buds, rose petals, and fragrant spices are infused and made into tea intuitively, in a way a master perfumer creates fragrances. Beautifully located in a little corner of Brooklyn, a diamond in the rough, this romantic little store of aubergine walls that evoke a Rembrandt-esque chiaroscuro setting, offers a full-sensory experience, which includes more than just handcrafted organic tea; they also offer ‘cupping services’ to present clients with the chance to learn more about the product. Adding a little fun to the art of finely curated tea, the teas are delightfully named, such as ‘Etoile de l’lnde’, ‘Gypsy Caravan’ and more. www.bellocq.com