Remembering Sonny San

Sonny San

Sonny San

“Great design is a consciousness of knowing what and when is enough. Never push the boundaries of taste. ” – Sonny San.

One of the great fashion pioneers in Malaysia, Sonny San will be missed.

He was the man behind Eclipse, whose designs have made a mark in the international fashion scene and are widely loved by clienteles from different continents across the globe. His success in bring people of different race and cultural background together with fashion goes to prove that talent sees no borders and colour.

But talent wasn’t the only reason behind the fashion icon’s success. He was constantly improving, learning and applying new techniques to his creations. Even in his 50s, age could never dull his passion for learning and certainly not an excuse to stop creating.

A long time friend of BAZAAR, Sonny San has collaborated with us on various projects such as the Pink Project to raise awareness for breast cancer and the Asia NewGen Fashion Designer Award.

We are deeply saddened for the loss of one the great designers in Malaysia so let us take a moment of silence to remember Sonny San’s contribution to the local fashion industry.