Movement Control Order Guide: Tips for Self Care

We are now in timeout. So how do we proceed to reset? Each of us can take this pause to strengthen ourselves while replenishing our bodies, minds, and spirits. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed by it all, be reassured that this is a very normal response. BAZAAR put together a guide to self-care activities that you can do from home. They’ll help make these uncertain times more bearable and give you a sense of control.

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Avoid information overload.

Having a level of “detachment” from updates can be helpful, Dr Christopher Hand, lecturer in psychology at Glasgow Caledonian suggests. It’s important to stay informed, but it’s also essential to avoid unregulated info on social media feeds as it’s a way to protecting your energy. If you catch yourself turning to social media because you’re feeling isolated, take a break and spend time on another activity, such as those we’ve suggested here.⁣⁣

Courtesy of Emma Watson⁣⁣

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