‘What Is It Like to be A Malaysian?’ from the BAZAAR Malaysia Team

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

What’s up, Malaysia? On this very special day, BAZAAR Malaysia shares what we love about our country and what makes us Malaysians.

Natasha Kraal, Editor-in-Chief

Being one-quarter of everything, a true-blue Eurasian, a world traveller with a moving mind, I’ve always felt more of a Global Citizen than being bordered in by citizenship. But my two wonderful sons remind me of where home is—Malaysia—and what home means—love. Happy Malaysia Day!

Sharmita Summugam, Assistant Editor

Malaysia is home. A melting pot of cultures…but we identify as one, as Malaysians. This is a land of infinite possibilities if and when we put our differences aside. Near or far, wherever life takes me, this will always be my Malaysia

Teng Siew Lee, Art Director

Malaysia = equator = endless summers! There are many islands and beaches to escape to, which is absolutely wonderful because that’s what I live for.

Li Ying Lim, Beauty Editor

Being a Malaysian, I am eternally amazed by our tenacity to strive for greater heights, our loyalty, out pride to just be Malaysian.

Amy Yasmine, Deputy Fashion News Editor

Being a child of mixed parentage, there’s no place more harmonious and racially diverse than Malaysia. A melting pot of cultures, amazing food (hello, char kuey teow!) and pristine beaches—Malaysia is wonderfully, and truly Asia.

Nen Lin Soo, Sub-Editor

It’s beyond a national identity. More than anything at all, it’s loving your country despite all of its shortcomings. We’re a fairly young country after all, and I believe being Malaysian is about achieving your dreams, and never forgetting the rich cultural history that shaped you and your forefathers. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re physically in Malaysia or thousands of miles away. All for one, and one for all.

Mughni Che Din, Fashion Stylist

There is no definite cut on what being a Malaysian means to me. To me, it is a collective idea of the various things that bring everyone together—culture, thoughts, behaviour, and most importantly, food. If we could only define Malaysia in a single aspect, it would be a very flavourless topic to discuss what being a national of this country is about.

Aisha Hassan, Beauty Writer

To live in a sea of colours where every wave is a cultural tradition you’re allowed to be a part of; it is to love food, withstand the humidity, scorn the haze and spend late, late nights eating Indomie. Malaysia is where I will always belong—its tropical air was the first breath I took—and where I will always come home to.

Anne Lee, Editorial Assistant

It means being able to drop an obscene amount of ‘lah’s and ‘aiyo’s in my daily conversations without anyone batting an eyelash. These are expressions that have been sorely missed while I was studying abroad. Being Malaysian also means that the battle with the ever-present heat and humidity never ends.

Marie Lim, Graphic Designer

Hardest question to answer everyday is “What to eat?”, which is also a good thing because we have the widest range of choices when it comes to food. Food is found everywhere, 24/7, and never you can never go hungry in Malaysia. Thank you mamak stalls!

Vanessa Lim, Intern

Living in a multi-racial country means that I am exposed and introduced to different cultures on a daily basis, which also means that the food option is limitless!