Guess How Much Kim Kardashian Pays to Dress Like Herself

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

It’s no secret that in recent years, Kim Kardashian has totally stepped up her style game. Whether she’s on the red carpet or grabbing lunch with her sisters, the reality star has been looking all kinds of fabulous lately, and she’s got a ton of help to keep her looking that way.

While her new and super sexy look is in part thanks to her husband Kanye, the reality star also owes quite a bit of thanks to her stylist, Christine Centenera — and apparently, Christine’s services don’t come cheap. According to the Sunday TelegraphChristine earns as much as $1 million a year for styling Kim, and that presumably doesn’t include the cost of the clothes themselves, let alone the amount Kim dishes on hair and makeup.

For those who don’t know, Christine’s day job is as Fashion Director of Vogue Australia. The pair first met back in 2011 when Christine worked as a style consultant for Kanye’s fashion line, and since then, it’s been a match made in heaven. The Daily Mail even reports that Christine might secretly move to the U.S. to work for Kim full-time — but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Either way, whatever magic Christine is doing on Kim’s closet is definitely working, and the reality star has been nothing but best-dressed ever since.

From: Cosmopolitan