Gifting Services That Take Your Valentine’s Day Up A Notch

Affordable and romantic? That is as good as an argument as far as we are concerned. Here, BAZAAR rounded up seven exquisite, thoughtful and fun gifts that will do the trick, from an organic skincare product that contains only "skin-loving" ingredients to a set of travel-friendly gift box.

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The Raw Rebel

This is dedicated specifically to the ones who embrace the art of tattoo. Poised, peculiar, but also cements the essence of minimalism, The Raw Rebel features products that reinvigorate the new age concept by way of being cruelty-free, natural, and handmade.

One way to make an otherwise cliché Valentine’s Day is to have more of an authentic and enticing vibe. Try thinking outside the box and indulge in something you know the one that you love (or you) will genuinely appreciate.

Since you have invested in the ink, why not give it a little delicate care?

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