Why Don’t You …? With Ignasi Monreal

Ignasi Monreal

… Explore an underrated gem?

Centrale Montemartini in Rome is a museum set in a formal electrical power plant, and is quite unknown to the general public. The juxtaposition of classical ancient art sculptures against industrial machinery makes a very unique experience that you don’t usually get from a typical museum.

… Use music to spark your creativity?

If watercolour paints were my medium of choice, then music would be the water that flows through the pigments. I’m excited to be catching Elton John on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour this summer. He’s truly an icon who has brought awareness to cultural issues through music.

… Be on the lookout for crazy, unconventional ideas?

My first solo show called ‘Plats Bruts’ in Madrid last month was an amazing start to 2019. I’m also exploring a few techniques on merging technology with portraiture. I think it is the future of art.

A piece from Monreal’s ‘Plats Bruts’ exhibition

… Rekindle your love for your city?

I live in Rome, the Eternal City, and the best thing to do here is walk around at night when the streets are clear of tourists. Everything about Rome inspires me, from the charming old neighborhoods to the awe-inspiring gardens. I think of it as living in a bubble trapped in time.

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… Take the road less travelled?

 The tempietto, a smaller circular temple in the church of San Pietro in Montoro, has had a very big impact on me. It’s an architectural wonder with an elegant balustrade and dome that reference Roman and Greek culture. This place is hidden from plain slight and is shrouded with mystery, which I find captivating.

… Inject humour into your work?

The 2017 Gucci Giftbook, of 80 illustrations is my all-time favourite project. The story was ”Icarus approaches the sun, falls down and lands in the Gucci fashion heaven.” I took things that are very personal to me, like medieval alchemy and Renaissance paintings, and turned them into a visual story.

The Gucci art wall in New York, featuring Monreal’s work