How to Spice Up Your Sex Life in Lockdown

Being stuck in lockdown with your partner isn’t as sexy as you might think. 


Better sex

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At first, the idea of spending all hours together with every opportunity of being intimate might feel thrilling but throw in the exhaustion of daily demands such as working, cooking, childcare and homeschooling (if you have kids), into the mix and you’ll soon realise that sex isn’t as appealing as it seems. It can, in fact, feel like a chore at times. Oh, yes!


For a lot of us, the pandemic has created an atmosphere of stress, fear and fatigue. People who work from home struggle to find a line when it comes to working and living their personal life compared to being at an office. There’s also the factor of spending too much time with the same person in a single space on days on end, where you’re more likely to notice flaws and nit-pick at what you don’t like, thus lowering your sex drive.


However, when it comes to a decreased libido, you shouldn’t be too concerned as there are many hot and sexy ways to get you back on track, such as incorporating the use of pleasure toys in your time together.

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Let’s get it on 

Saranikka, Co-founder of Vaib Store


Saranikka, 31, entrepreneur and co-founder of pleasure toy store, Vaib Store, says that sexual tools can help overcome the hurdles you face and make your sexual experience more exciting.


When she started her business last year, her mission was to normalise sexuality and sensuality, and make it accessible and safe for people to procure pleasure toys.


“We also want to fight the stigmas on sexual pleasure, especially towards women. Vaib Store targets to be a non-judgmental space for them to educate and explore the topic of self-pleasure,” she shares.


Our brand’s target market is basically any adults above 18-years-old who are interested in discovering sexual pleasure through pleasure toys. However, our toys right now cater mostly to women with vulva, but we are expanding our products to meet the needs of people of different gender and orientation. Vaib Store started out as a brand that empowers women because when it comes to sex there are more negative stigmas towards women than men,” explains Saranikka.

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So how exactly can one introduce a sex toy in a relationship, you might ask? Saranikka says, “Many couples look at sex toys as enemies. ‘Why do we need sex toys? Are we not good enough?’ are some of the concerns a partner might bring up.”


“Orgasm relies on many factors. It can be affected by your hormones, stress level, mental health, physical health and even belief or morale. The lockdown has proven to affect one’s mental health and mood, and fun activities like sex can even become boring and repetitive,” she explains further.


“Sex toys can help you create your own adventure. They are your teammates. They can help overcome the hurdles you face and make your experience more exciting. They are not here to invalidate your capabilities just like how cars do not invalidate your ability to walk. Remember, these toys can’t provide the emotional connection, or foreplay and intercourse, so that’s where you come in!”

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When it comes to picking a pleasure toy, take the opportunity to learn about your body and sexual preferences. “We always ask our customers what do you like as an individual and what is important for you?,” says Saranikka.



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“The best way is to communicate honestly about your preference but don’t think too much about it. Will this be good? Will I like it? Get your first toy first based on those preferences. You will A) find that discovering ways to experiment with the toys are part of the adventure B) learn better what you like or don’t when it comes to sex toys,” she adds. 


Reading the description of the toys is important as well as they don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. A person’s preference also depends on their sexual experience. Vaib Store has a range of items for beginners, experienced, and even for kinks. Check it out here!