Why Don’t You … ? With Cameron Silver

… inject personality with vintage couture?
I have a beautiful, very rare men’s Balenciaga wine robe from the early 50s that I love to wear because it has a story. Vintage pieces become your conversation pieces, and it just so happens that it’s also the most environmentally friendly way to consume and celebrate both the luxury and legacy of fashion.

… find joy in the unexpected?
I have found the most rewarding vintage collections in very unexpected places, like Spokane, Washington, where a woman who had married twice—both times to fashion executives—passed away and suddenly there was an epic collection of important 50s, 60s, and 70s clothing.

… throw on a pop of pink to lift your spirits?
Just this Saturday, I slept horribly. I was sleep-deprived and anxious about getting dressed up for a gala later that evening. I put on a shocking pink Vivienne Westwood bondage tux from 1993, and instantly felt better. I put on something that made me feel happy on the outside, so this helped me feel happy on the inside, too.

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rejuvenate your mind by relieving tension within?
I go to a place called Stretch*d in New York, which is assisted stretching, and I’ll have someone stretch me on a medical table for 75 minutes. As I’m tall and tight, I feel so much better when I get loosened up—that’s my indulgence.

… escape the city to catch some beauty sleep?
I had the most amazing trip a few years ago to Agrigento, the southernmost tip in Italy, where you can more or less see Albania from the beach. I have never slept better in my life. It’s a long trip just to get a good nap in, but I loved it. I enjoy getting out of the major metropolitan cities and visit less touristy spaces.

… discover yourself with newly found passions?
I love haunted houses. I’m like a little kid, and I’m also a recent convert to country music—I like Western aesthetics. I might be very worldly and the type of person who wants to go to Paris for couture, or enjoys going to the ballet or opera, but I’m a little country also—I want to put on some jeans and cowboy boots and eat some fried chicken. Seriously, I’m a little country and I’m a little rock ’n’ roll.

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… be at one with nature?
I’m very anxious to go on a safari in Africa, and a friend has put together a potential itinerary. That is my dream trip, to really commune with nature and be somewhere I’ve never been before which is not about fashion, and has the magic of nature—that’s desirable now.

… connect with others through fashion?
Fashion has provided me an opportunity to meet so many people in different countries, cultures, languages, and religion. It can certainly bring a lot of us closer together and that’s been one of my passions—to bring us together. We are way more similar than we are different.

… choose to live life wholeheartedly?
I have a new life motto: “Be sum and not some.” I want to live my life where everything I do is the sum of who I am, as I don’t want to just be the best version of me. We have to take responsibility for 100 percent of everything we do.

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