Catch Some Rays With Malaysia’s Hottest Model, Salomé Das

Dress; necklace; ring; and earrings; all from Dior

Growing up as a third culture kid ... I found that my nationality was never part of my identity. I feel French, just as much as I feel Indian. I was born in Germany 18 years ago, but I grew up in Malaysia, and I feel so connected to the Malaysian culture and way of life. When I was younger ... I wanted to be a volcanologist, and now I’m an avid diver. Mix these two together and my dream destination would be the Galápagos Islands. I can just imagine myself diving with marine iguanas by day, and trailing up volcanoes by night. When I’m travelling ... as long as I’ve got my face wash, moisturiser and lip balm—I’m good. And a good book! All the Hercule Poirot books written by Agatha Christie ... Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with crime and detective stories, but nothing impressed and has stuck with me more than these books. I love Malaysia ... It is my home—I’ve lived here almost my whole life. From the marine life, to the heritage and the diversity ... There’s so many different, beautiful things about Malaysia, I could never pick just one thing.

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Dress; and earrings, both from Chanel

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