Daiyan Trisha: An Icon on the Rise

 From vulnerably sharing her heart with the rest of the world through her latest song Penat, Daiyan Trisha gets real with Alisha Azuddin on life during lockdown, volunteering and defining her style.



Daiyan Trisha

Coat; sequined top; inner blouse; denim trousers; knee-high boots; and earrings, all from Louis Vuitton. Galaxy Z Flip3 5G smartphone in Cream, from Samsung.


Can you hear me?”—Like most meetings of 2021, the familiar phrase rings through the room as these were the first words I was greeted to when jumping onto a video call with Daiyan Trisha. Once the connection had stabilised, we opened to the topic that’s never too far away—COVID- 19. Checking in on each other’s mental and physical health, the state of our country and what we can do to motivate ourselves, our short introductions quickly spiralled to a comforting chat with a friend. 

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Double-breasted coat; blouse; skirt; boots; and earrings, all from Louis Vuitton. Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone in Cream, from Samsung.


With Daiyan making style her number one priority, it’s not just her bags and choice of clothing that come into play—it’s a lifestyle that she lives and breathes. From immaculate local-made silk masks, to even her choice of phone, everything revolves around style. Her current gadget of choice is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G; the cream one to be exact,


“It just fits my whole aesthetic and vibe, and the colour even matches my guitar. Since I saw it in the K-drama It’s OK To Not Be OK, I’ve been obsessed with the Flip and immediately wanted the phone! I already don’t like to carry so much stuff with me so the size is perfect and can fit into my smaller bags with ease.”

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With our conversation spilling out of our allotted time, Daiyan’s energy is as compelling as it was from the first “can you hear me” till the last— when our internet connections declared the end of the virtual meeting for us. From new music to live (virtual) shows and more upcoming style content, big things are on the horizon for this already-rising fashion star.



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