Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women 2019

Load up on your SPF, as this year’s Most Stylish Women turn up the heat on a three-day fashion escape to Pangkor Laut Resort. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and jewel-toned waters, this year’s trailblazers make a splash in sun-kissed skin and inimitable charm; their unique sense of style captured in an insta-moment.

Here, meet the leading ladies of 2019, as they prove how life really is, a beach.

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Aniz Azlan

24, Operations Manager at Kes NYC

Dress, Versace.

Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee, they say, and no one fits the bill better than Aniz Azlan. With the determination to make it big on her own, the 24-year-old now calls New York City her home. Quite evidently, the Big Apple’s urban-cool nonchalance had rubbed off on the fashion PR girl, having rocked up to Pangkor Laut Resort in a white boiler suit paired with sneakers (A+ for this sheer commitment to style). Elsewhere, Aniz worked a one-piece swimsuit with a bandana and sarong, in a look that was part Jack Sparrow, part Talitha Getty.

But in a complete 180 switcheroo, Aniz proves that she could also push her sex appeal with a hint of glam; stepping out of The Estate’s villa, Aniz is reminiscent of the Italian actress Monica Bellucci (think Malèna), as she lays herself out in the sun, while dainty pink paillettes adorn her Versace dress. “I was my barbie’s fashion designer since I was eight and my family’s fashion police since I was 12!” Aniz says, laughing. “You can count on me to give my mum tips I learned after every episode of Fashion Police on E! News.”

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