Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women 2019

Load up on your SPF, as this year’s Most Stylish Women turn up the heat on a three-day fashion escape to Pangkor Laut Resort. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and jewel-toned waters, this year’s trailblazers make a splash in sun-kissed skin and inimitable charm; their unique sense of style captured in an insta-moment.

Here, meet the leading ladies of 2019, as they prove how life really is, a beach.

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Whulandary Herman

30, Actress, Television Host, and Miss Universe Indonesia 2013

Jacket; and skirt, both from Louis Vuitton. BEAUTY BAZAAR: Protect skin with Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro UV Make-up Primer, RM220, and revel in the flawless staying power of the high coverage Giorgio Armani Beauty Power Fabric Foundation, RM250.

Leave it to a beauty queen to sashay her way through Pangkor Laut Resort Estate’s vast tropical landscape, twirling and waving in a batik minidress before ending her strut with a pose. “This is how you do it!” she says to team BAZAAR, laughing along the way as our impromptu catwalk masterclass commences. Not one to take herself too seriously, the former Miss Universe Indonesia is a comedienne at heart, her sharp wit and quip ready to keep anyone on their toes. But imagine going from that, to a complete 180 as she switches into her fierce and sultry persona for the lens. “Fashion allows me to slip into multiple characters, at any given time,” she says, alluding to her own personal style. “One moment I’m flirty and feminine in a bubblegum pink wrap dress, and then cool and understated in a leather bomber jacket.”

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