Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women 2019

Load up on your SPF, as this year’s Most Stylish Women turn up the heat on a three-day fashion escape to Pangkor Laut Resort. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and jewel-toned waters, this year’s trailblazers make a splash in sun-kissed skin and inimitable charm; their unique sense of style captured in an insta-moment.

Here, meet the leading ladies of 2019, as they prove how life really is, a beach.

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Natalia Ng

31, Singer and Actress

Bodysuit, Fendi

To consider Natalia a big ball of sunshine, is an understatement. “I’m a goofball!” she exclaims, sharing a rather unfortunate (albeit hilariously entertaining) GIF of herself dancing in the sun, before losing her cap to the wind. It is a refreshing respite from the 31-year-old’s sultry pop princess exterior, often conveyed via flirty tulled dresses and seductive silk gowns online. In this regard, only Natalia could’ve pulled off a diaphanous monogrammed bodysuit by Fendi—a look taken to the next level with a flick of her hair amid the ocean breeze. “I’m all about taking risks, just like my own personal style. Self-expression should be a fun exercise as long as you remember not to let others dictate.
And after all, isn’t fashion all about having fun?”

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