Khloé Kardashian Like You’ve Never Seen her Before, The Exclusive from BAZAAR


Photography: Zoey Grossman

More than 20 people, including a small Keeping Up with the Kardashians film crew, are buzzing around a makeshift dressing room nestled high in the Hollywood Hills. Behind several floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking a hazy downtown Los Angeles, I watch as Khloé Kardashian takes one last look at herself in the relaxed Rosetta Getty dress that her stylist, Monica Rose, pulled out for her.

Photography: Zoey Grossman

In mock appraisal, Khloé cocks her head to one side. Soft strands of her usually poker-straight or perfectly-curled hair float gently across her shoulders—the careful, understated handiwork of her long-time hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez. Today, at the request of‘s fashion director, Kerry Pieri, Khloé has agreed to wear minimal makeup, a natural nude nail lacquer, and no shoes. Customarily seen in platform heels, Khloé is standing barefoot when she announces to no one in particular, “I think I’m ready!” before quietly padding past an indoor waterfall onto the cliff-perched patio of the infamous Goldstein Residence, the setting for today’s shoot—her most high-fashion yet.


Photography: Zoey Grossman

That’s why Khloé only works with Rose, a Kardashian stylist since season one. “At my fattest, Monica would always come with racks of clothes and make me feel special. She never told me, ‘Oh, they don’t have that in your size,'” says Khloé. “Other people actually said, ‘I just can’t work with you’—because I was too big. That always hurt my feelings, of course.” Today, those same stylists are now approaching Khloé, offering to dress her for events and public appearances. “I’m just like, ‘Fuck you. I’m not going to reward your bad behavior.'”

Khloé’s unfiltered, outspoken sincerity is something of a signature. She is comfortable airing her dirty laundry in a way that her sisters—Kourtney, Kim, Kendall and Kylie—often aren’t. “People think I’m more ‘real’,” she says. “I’m the first person to say if I didn’t do something right or that I could have done something differently. I share so much, maybe more in-depth than my sisters, and I think people appreciate that.”


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