‘Projek: High Council’ Is Everyone’s Favourite Show

Projek: High Council

Order breed chaos

If you haven’t yet watched Projek: High Council, you’re missing out. Since its premiere, it’s spawned a raft of internet content – there’s no TV drama as precisely made and carefully plotted as this one. I know – there’s just so much good TV out there these days, it’s impossible to keep up with everything. But, if you have found yourselves staring into an abyss of free time and longing to fill it with a new show, this is the one for you.

What is it about?

Come for the truly impeccable storyline and stay for the knockout performances. The 2023 Malaysian school television drama series, Projek: High Council is a high school show focused on respect, grief, bullying, hierarchy, and a constant battle to stay afloat – a message worth remembering now perhaps more than ever. Co-directed by Anwari Ashraf and Zulaikha Zakaria, this television show is a follow-up drama to Project: Anchor SPM which was released in 2021. This drama follows two brothers, Fakri and Naim who have been separated since they were children and meet again at Kolej Ungku Dramat (KUDRAT), a highly prestigious boarding school. Determined to stop all injustice and misuse of power among students, Fakhri entered the ‘Pilihanraya’ court, a competition held in secret to determine the head of the school. Inspired by true Malaysian stories, the TV show tells the story of traditions, gangsterism, and bullying in a boarding school.

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The Cast

The show spotlights actors and actresses such as 25-year-old Hero Remaja Mierul Aiman, singer Daiyan Trisha, Amir Ahnaf, Nadhir Nasar, Naim Daniel, Yusof Hashim, and Sazzy Falak.

Where to Watch?


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You can stream High Council every Saturday via On Demand and Astro Go. You can also watch it at 9 p.m on Astro Ria every Monday.

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