The Best Steamy Romance Books to Read in 2024

It’s getting hot in here, it’s time to take off all your clothes

While those living in the real world steer well clear of engaging in risque sexcapades, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy exploring them fictionally. Whether you’re looking for good girl praises, a certain type of hunky man or just a little spicy, we’ve curated a guide for you on the steamiest romance books to read in 2024. 

With off-the-charts chemistry, endless eye candies and tons of bumping and grinding, these are the books that burn bright and wild within the steamy and romance world. Trust us, these books will get the sparks flying on your next date night — if you’re looking for inspiration.

All the steamy romance books you need to read in 2024:

King of Sloth

Steamy Romance 2024

Ana Huang

Nothing is spicier than seeing a high-powered publicist falling in love with her hot, charming billionaire client. And, what’s even hotter, is their titillating tension and erotic moments together. If you love a smutty office room bumping and grinding or a promiscuous rendezvous in a prestigious club’s restroom then it’s time to add this bad boy to the cart. Trust us, when we say you’ll swoon over Xavier Castillo and the charming ways he lets his girl reach her peak.

Wild Love

Steamy Romance 2024

Elsie Silver

Starring the world’s hottest billionaire in a quaint small town aka Ford Grant, Wild Love is filled to the brim with angst, banter and sexual tension. Whether they’re grinding up against each other on their office desks or taking the filthy route in the bedroom, this brother’s best friend’s steamy romance ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a little spice and good girl praises. And, if you love sexy verbal sparring in and out of the bedroom then this needs to be on your list of books to devour.

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The Dixon Rule 

May 2024 Book Releases

Elle Kennedy 

“Get on your knees, Diana” — if that doesn’t get your mind and gears turning, then nothing will. The Dixon Rule is made for all the sports girlies out there who are dreaming about their athlete man. This book will make you leave all your feminine power at the door but in a good way. Expect some spicy escapades that will leave you kicking and giggling. Dotted with witty humour, fake dating and sexy pitter-patters, this needs to be on your TBR list.

God of War

Rina Kent

If there’s one thing Rina Kent can do right tremendously it is writing copious amounts of will-they-won’t-they tension. Just like her other books, God of War has next-level passionate moments that are guaranteed to get your heart racing.

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Swift and Saddled

Lyla Sage

Whether it’s in the kitchen, up against the mirror or the wall, or even just in the classic bedroom, Swift And Saddled sees no boundaries when it comes to sexy time. Stacked with opposites attract and forced proximity, you’ll love reading city girl Ada fall in love with her hunky boss Weston Ryder — the local cowboy. If small-town romances are your gig, then don’t skip this.

Loving Romeo

Steamy Romance

Laura Pavlov

If you’re looking for a basic entry into the smut world, then this is our go-to pick. Dotted with fluff, this small-town romance covers heartbreak, falling in love and provocative scenes that will have you swooning and stimulated. The book follows a grumpy small-town boxer who meets a sunshine girl that he can’t seem to stay away from despite their pasts colliding with each other. Expect to see one-liners such as these Your body turns me on so much it won’t matter what you do” and ‘Are you as sweet as I think you are”. 

The Predator

Steamy Romance


“I want you out of my system” is the heated, carnal atmosphere this dark romance vibrates — and if that doesn’t thrill you, then we still suggest you stick around, because you will see stars behind your closed eyelids after reading this book. Peppered with spicy, I-want-to-but-I-don’t scenes, this enemies-to-lovers has all the drama and spice you’d need to keep you entertained. Despite it not being a 2024 new release, it’s still one of our top contenders.

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Elsie Silver

It’s no surprise to see Elsie Silver twice on a list — she’s the queen of spicy, small-town-romances. Despite it being a 2022 released book, this single-dad romance will leave you kicking and giggling — it’s worth a read and a reread. With lingering touches, good girl praises and unbearable angst, this book follows Willa, a mouthy, beautiful woman who has to nanny for the world’s grumpiest, dad. Whether you’re looking for a sizzling kitchen scene or a hot tub salacious moment, this book has it all. 


Hannah Grace

If you couldn’t put down Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, we’re sure you will be similarly enthralled with her follow-up romance book, Wildfire. Peppered with fluff, sweet moments and intense spicy scenes, this latest book in the Maple Hills series follows Russ Callaghan and Aurora Roberts —two summer camp counsellors— who reignite their flames after a sizzling one-night stand. If you’re looking for good girl praises such as “You’re taking it so well, sweetheart” and “That’s it, good girl” then this is the book for you. 

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