The Samsonite | New Balance Collection Is Just Oh-So-Pretty!

The Samsonite | New Balance Collection Takes Sporty Chic To A New Level.

New Balance X Samsonite

The Samsonite | New Balance collection of chic crossbody bags & luggage.


The crossover trend continues as New Balance teams up with Samsonite in a collection that injects sporty sensibilities into travel. Featuring cool crossbody bags and the chicest of suitcases, the collection is set to colour every trendy traveller’s dream getaway. It’s a collection designed for inspired adventurers fuelled by a zest for life and spontaneity.

All Your Essentials On-the-go

Minimally chic, we just adore the new range of crossbody bags from the Samsonite | New Balance collection for their functionality and versatility. Made available in transparent black or white, each case comes with two reversible colour pouches. So you actually get four colours in one bag, allowing you to change the hue to suit your look.  The white model expresses a sunnier vibe with pouches in punchy hues of orange/white and turquose/pink. While the black model is sultry and seductive with pouches in black/green and yellow/purple.

Left to right: Small crossbody bag, and range of shoe box crossbody bags, in white with pouches in assorted colours.


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The best choice for everyday use, the small crossbody bag makes the perfect carrier for daily essentials. Think your phone, wallet, keycards, face spray or a book even. As for versatility, you can remove the adjustable straps to rock a sporty clutch instead. 

Left to right: More sultry options of the shoe box crossbody bags & small crossbody bag, in black.

On the other hand, the larger shoe box crossbody bag is great for a more specific excursion. As its name implies, the bag is big enough to store shoes. In fact, the shoe box crossbody bag can also double up as a stackable display case for your fave sneakers. Otherwise, take it to the waterfall or a park for a day out in nature. The bag has enough space for a water bottle and lunchbox, or flip flops and an extra change of clothes. Much like its smaller counterpart, the straps can also be removed to transform it into a cute carryall.

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Travelling In Style

Then for longer and further journeys, the Samsonite | New Balance collection of luggage is too pretty to resist. The collection presents two semi-transparent hard side luggages in sizes 18-inch or 22-inch. Each model also comes in options of white or black.

The 18-inch hard side luggage, in white and black models.


The 18-inch hard side luggage is made for efficient travellers, with just enough space for the bare necessities. The luggage comes with a large expandable and reversible pouch—in orange/white for the white model, and green/black for the black model. This nifty square-shaped luggage is ideal for an overnight trip or a weekend getaway.  That, or as a cool cabin-size luggage. 

Left: The 22-inch luggage with its colourful reversible pouches. Right. The Samsonite | New Balance collection.


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Consequently, the 22-inch hard side luggage is for modern dreamers with more to pack and greater miles to explore. And honestly, it’s more fun because it comes with one large expandable pouch, and two medium sized pouches. Meaning? More colour combos to play around with as each pouch is also reversible. A smart packing solution, each pouch functions as a packing cube to better organise your items. 

Black models of the Samsonite | New Balance collection of crossbody bags & luggage.


Smart and pretty, versatile yet high on function, the Samsonite | New Balance collection is a collaboration that gets you excited about travelling again. Be it for near or far, alone or with your loved ones. The collection opens up the possibility to travel in style, away from boring, predictable suitcases. Because adventure requires a vibrant spirit, and a good-looking set of luggage.

The Samsonite | New Balance collection is available now. Visit here to check out the full collection.