Go on a Culinary Adventure with Tiffin at Home

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Tiffin at Home’s carefully curated menu will take you on a culinary experience to feed your cravings.


The Americana menu featuring Soul Byrd X Noti Doughnuts X Cocoraw.

The Americana menu featuring Soul Byrd X Noti Doughnuts X Cocoraw.


Tiffin continues to push its boundaries on culinary creativity and exploration, with a selection of collaborative menus from Malaysia’s top chef’s and homegrown brands, as well as cross-border collaborations with various restaurants in Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Tourism Board for the Singapore Food Festival.


With a total of 10 menus spread across five weeks, Chef Chai of the now-defunct Copper will be bringing his creative spirit into a fermentation-driven menu with Inside Scoop and up-and-coming fermentation hub Kuno, as well as a renewed ideation of modern Asian cuisine by Ember, Li, and MU Artisan.

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Begerdil from Laut

Begerdil from Laut.

Jun Wong of Kikubari, who shares a deep passion for modern Japanese gastronomy, will be joining hands with Ryan Clift of NOKA by Tippling Club, in presenting a menu that is fun, playful and fresh. Modern contemporary restaurant Chocha Foodstore will come together with Laut Singapore to create a menu that pays homage to the region’s sea-faring heritage. Under the hands of Darren Teoh of Dewakan (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants) and Sun Kim of one-Michelin-starred Meta Restaurant, an ingredient-driven menu that draws from both chefs’ cultural heritage—Malaysian and Korean—is born.



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Complementing the Tiffin At Home experience are specially crafted Chivas Regal 12 and Jameson Whisky cocktails, created by veteran mixologists such as CK Kho of Coley and Tracia Chan from Dissolved Solids, who have carved their niche in the local drinking scene.

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Chocha Foodstore

Photos: Courtesy of Chocha Foodstore.


Tiffin At Home will operate on a schedule of five weeks, from 19 August to 19 September, dishing out restaurant-quality meals accessible for the public to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Tiffin At Home also comes as a prelude to the opening of Tiffin at the Yard, the next installation of Tiffin Food Court, which will be housed in one of the oldest heritage buildings in Malaysia, Sentul Depot.

Tiffin At Home will be available on a pre-order basis and orders can be made through www.tiffin-my.store.


Menu line-up


19th August to 22nd August


 Ember X Li X Mu Artisan X Mutiara Figs.

The Modern Asian menu featuring Ember X Li X Mu Artisan X Mutiara Figs.


Ember X Li X MU Artisan X Mutiara Figs

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Soulbyrd X Noti Doughnuts X Cocoraw

Cocktails by Dissolved Solids

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