The 10 Most Romantic Beach Getaways

Jennifer Algoo

Wind in your hair, sea breeze kissing your skin, your worries and cares slipping further away with each shift of sand between your toes... There's a reason that "beachy" is so often synonymous with "sexy." Beaches bring out the best in us; the relaxed, fun-loving versions of ourselves. So, of course, mixing your shore session with a little romance makes all the sense in the world. To that end, we've gathered some of the sweetest, sultriest, most romantic beach getaways on the planet to bring a little more love into your life.

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9. Palawan, Philippines


Trailblazing couples, prepare yourself for some of the bluest water around; seriously, fans of this Filipino island swear that the ocean views here put the Caribbean Sea to shame. Often noted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world to visit, Palawan remains, inexplicably, under the radar – meaning you’ll definitely be the first in your circle of friends to get to brag about traversing the island’s famed underground river, or to snuggle up under the awe-inspiring sunsets and whale-spot from one of the white sand beaches of El Nido.

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