Hotel Experiences For The Art Collectors and Lovers

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1. Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Experience art in the comfort of the Grand Duplex Suite in Conservatorium Hotel, where the world’s largest-ever installation of Studio Drift’s ‘Fragile Future’ chandeliers, a series of dandelion heads in the form of LED lights, awaits.

Flylight, an installation that mimics the behaviour of birds shown in Stedelijk Museum

An exclusive look into the Studio Drift studio where Fragile Future Chandelier 35, an artistic fusion of technology and nature, resides

Drifter is a thought-provoking installation that physically suspends the dichotomy between the possible and impossible, chaos and order, and humanity and nature above the viewers’ heads.

Other innovative artworks such as the Fragile Future Chandelier 35  and Drifter, a floating concrete monolith, will have you engaged, while a behind-the-scenes tour of the Studio Drift headquarters – available to Conservatorium guests only – presents the magic of science and art when it comes together.

Available until August 26.

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