Hotel Experiences For The Art Collectors and Lovers

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2. The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland

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It’s tough to convince yourself that you’re still in Zurich as your car pulls up to the Dolder Grand, the fairy-tale castle slash retreat resort, perched on the top of the city with views of Lake Zurich. Then, there’s the 36-foot-long, 11-foot-high Andy Warhol classic Big Retrospective Painting that hangs above the reception desk, Fernando Botero’s Women with Fruit sunbathing by the pool, and Marc Quinn’s sensual Archaeology of Desire. And if you wander off to the modern Norman Foster-designed wing, the swanky 4,000-square-metre spa offers everything from a sunaburo (Japanese sand bath) to variations of aromatic steam baths – sure to restore your body back to its natural rhythm.

Big Retrospective Painting, 1979-1980, by Andy Warhol welcomes the visitors of The Dolder Grand

This installation, Marc Quinn’s ‘Archaeology of Desire’, encapsulates the essence of The Dolder Grand as the perfect balance ‘between city and nature’

The Saltz restaurant, designed by artist Rolf Sachs, treats its patrons with a relaxed but vibrant and exuberant interior

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