6 Pink Sand Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List

What makes a pink sand beach? Thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, dead marine creatures with red and pink shells get exposed to the sun, then mixed with white sand. The end result? These stunning pink beaches.

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Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy

Uneven rock formations amidst pink sand at Spiaggia Rosa

On the tiny atoll of Budelli within the La Maddalena collective lies the gorgeous bubblegum-pink, salmon-tinted, coral-rich Spiaggia Rosa. Years of uncontrolled tourism have led to serious deterioration in its conditions, but careful preservation efforts have, at least, allowed tourists to admire this gem from afar. Nonetheless, a blissful holiday is still possible. Charter a private boat for the day, venture out to the secret coves tucked in the most sensational coastlines, wade through open teal waters, relax with some cheese and wine, and watch the day go by. Occasionally, friendly dolphins make an appearance, so phones at the ready!

Dolphin sightings if you are lucky


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