6 Pink Sand Beaches To Add To Your Bucket List

What makes a pink sand beach? Thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, dead marine creatures with red and pink shells get exposed to the sun, then mixed with white sand. The end result? These stunning pink beaches.

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Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Indonesia

Pink skies from the hills of Padar Island

To seasoned divers and beach bums, it’s no secret that Komodo National Park is known for its stellar marine life and the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. Discover its wonders on-board the Amanikan voyage, a bespoke cruise that takes you on an expedition between the islands of Sabayor and Flores. While it may be difficult to sway your attention from the sparkling waters and rose-tinted sand at Pink Beach, why not indulge in a snorkelling excursion? A short climb to the viewpoint on the left side of the beach will also give you a stunning view of the surroundings. Finally, the Mesa Village in Flores promises a different cultural experience, where friendly locals can be seen leading visitors around the colourful Bajauan houses on stilts—safe from rising tides and Komodo dragons.


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