Top 5 Instagrammable Picnic Spots

Be prepared to up your feed with FIVE most Instagrammable picnic lunches at Hilton Properties Around Asia-Pacific!

With the takeover of Instagram, the search for an ‘Instagramable’ spot is never-ending. Luckily for you, Hilton Properties has prepared an unforgettable and insta-worthy experience which guarantees a beautiful scenic view accompanied by an array of delicious food.

All over the Asia-Pacific, picnics have become a popular way to enjoy the summertime weather and get together with family and friends. From relaxing in a tent by the lake and having leisurely afternoon tea to breathtaking nature to explore and immerse yourself in, there are a variety of options for guests to discover. Whichever part of the world you’re travelling to, make a day of it and check out these best picnic lunches.

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3. Kon’nichiwa Japan, Kyukaruizawa Kikyo, Curio Collection by Hilton, Nagano.

The picnic box includes a potato salad and simmered local chicken baked in the Sanada Maru confit alongside traditional “Shimoguri imo potatoes” fries.

Kyukaruizawa Kikyo’s “à table”, offers a picnic box which guests can enjoy in the hotel’s serene courtyard. Shinshu ingredients are featured in their full bounty of fresh vegetables that are enjoyed over potato salad, and a local chicken that is simmered and baked in the Sanada Maru confit. The fries that accompany the dish are made from traditional “Shimoguri imo potatoes” from Ida City, Nagano prefecture, which is characterised by its rich flavour.

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