Top 5 Instagrammable Picnic Spots

Be prepared to up your feed with FIVE most Instagrammable picnic lunches at Hilton Properties Around Asia-Pacific!

With the takeover of Instagram, the search for an ‘Instagramable’ spot is never-ending. Luckily for you, Hilton Properties has prepared an unforgettable and insta-worthy experience which guarantees a beautiful scenic view accompanied by an array of delicious food.

All over the Asia-Pacific, picnics have become a popular way to enjoy the summertime weather and get together with family and friends. From relaxing in a tent by the lake and having leisurely afternoon tea to breathtaking nature to explore and immerse yourself in, there are a variety of options for guests to discover. Whichever part of the world you’re travelling to, make a day of it and check out these best picnic lunches.

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5. Then…Head North to Hilton Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Resort, Dalian.

Set on sprawling verdant land, Hilton Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Resort has a dedicated campsite where picnics comprising dainty bites are set up on the lawn. Menu items include a sushi bento, puff pastry bread, seasonal fruit, Single Malt Whisky tiramisu cake and more. Guests can savour their outdoor picnic while immersing themselves in nature.

Whether it be a lunch for your daytime adventure, a relaxing time by the beach, an adventurous hike or even wine tasting, a customizable picnic experience awaits at these notable spots across Hilton.

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