What To Buy For Your Home From 2019’s Most Fashionable Holiday Destinations


We've all been there - you're having such a great summer holiday that you want a souvenir to bring home with you. You've long since learnt that the kaftans and overpriced linen tunics that seem a good idea at the time never work as well when back in the UK, so investing in something for our home seems more sensible. But where do you start? Which countries specialise in which interior must-haves? Where should you buy ceramics, and where is best for cushions or rattan mats? We spoke to homewares maestro, Lisa Mehydene, the founder of online interiors destination edit58, to find out what you should take home from 2019's most fashionable holiday destinations.

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Tulum: bowls and jugs


“Prepare to re-mortgage if you do indulge here… the pieces aren’t pocket-friendly, but they are beautiful nonetheless. Head to Casa Atica for handcrafted items; bowls, jugs, vases and baskets that manage to be both boho and chic.”

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