The Escape: Postcards from Seoul’s Best Skincare Spots

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Villa Soohyang

Soohyang was named after its founder, Kim Soohyang, but it also carries the meaning of “Excellent Fragrance” in the Korean language. Almost feels like the two were destined for each other, the perfume house first opened at the vibrant and trendy neighborhood of Itaewon, before creating its flagship branch in Gangnam, the Villa Soohyang. The deep blue bungalow, tucked hidden in an alley of the bustling street of Sinsa-dong, houses the brand’s entire collection of 33 scented candles, home sprays, air diffusers, air fresheners, and an array of metal pins and totebags.  Each candle from Soohyang is made exclusively in Korea, and is made from biodegradable vegetable wax that does not leave any ash or smoke. Roam around the double-storey building and have a whiff of every single scent, or head straight to the Pink Wall — a short Q&A questionnaire will assist you to the scent you’re meant to have (Tried and tested, it works!).

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Where? Villa Soohyang Flagship Store. 551-8, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Website & Additional Information available here

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