The Six Unique Hotels Around The World

Looking for some unique stays from around the world? We have compiled 6 charming places to stay for your next holiday.

Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet / James Heredia

By definition, the perfect getaway resort is remote, yet austere, and surrounded by stunning nature. Here's your chance to go offline, start a conversation under the blinking stars and explore the unspoiled nature along with magical snowy landscapes far away from the crowds. Go on, give yourself a break and rejuvenate your soul.

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Pan Treetop Cabins, Norway


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A surprising and unique sight awaits visitors at the Gjesåsen forest in Norway. The PAN-tretopphytter has two tower-like cabins that offer thrilling treetop views without having to sacrifice the luxuries of home.

With six beds in the two treetop cabins, guests will get modern comfort with electricity and running water. Entered by climbing a spiral staircase and crossing a bridge high in the trees, the cabins are elevated eight meters above the ground, and rest on a wickerwork structure that is anchored in solid rock.

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