The Six Unique Hotels Around The World

Looking for some unique stays from around the world? We have compiled 6 charming places to stay for your next holiday.

Sheldon Chalet

Sheldon Chalet / James Heredia

By definition, the perfect getaway resort is remote, yet austere, and surrounded by stunning nature. Here's your chance to go offline, start a conversation under the blinking stars and explore the unspoiled nature along with magical snowy landscapes far away from the crowds. Go on, give yourself a break and rejuvenate your soul.

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Maana Kamo, Japan


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Located in the historic Higashiyama District, the 100-year-old space is a minimal home that sits quietly in one of the city’s oldest streets. Each home tells a different story. It is cosy and tranquil, providing a moody and calm space for slow living and contemplation. Infusing the soul of a traditional Japanese townhome, the oversized Japanese-style bathtub is one of the notable features that come with the views of a private garden evoking the serene experience of bathing in an onsen.

A large kitchen and dining space is equipped with all the essentials; the main bedroom is located upstairs and a second space with a tatami floor can be used as another bedroom or a yoga/meditation space.

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