Where to Honeymoon in 2020

Of all the most socially acceptable reasons to take a whole bunch of time off from work, a honeymoon may just be your splurgiest, most over-the-top trip. We’ve combed the planet for the best romantic holidays across every climate, season, and category—from short-hop mini-moons to far-flung forays into the exotic.

For the ultimate jet-setters planning on both a short, post-nuptial trip and an epic honeymoon around your first anniversary, we suggest one destination closer to home, and another more off-the-beaten path. If you’re getting hitched in 2020, here are the top ten destinations that should land on your honeymoon shortlist.

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11. Honorable mention: Vermon

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An oldie but a goodie, Vermont may not get the oohs and aahs of a tropical paradise halfway around the world, but it earns our enthusiastic vote if you’re strapped for time and still want your three-night vacay to feel memorable. Twin Farms is an all-inclusive retreat in the best way possible: meals (and alcohol) and activities are yours for the choosing, that is, if you can ever manage to extricate yourself from your cabin. Each guesthouse on the sweeping property is designed in a unique style—from a “Studio” which features more modern touches (not to mention an original work by Cy Twombly) to a “Cottage,” styled like a turn-of-the-century provencal villa.

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Guests dine in the main farmhouse, and each meal is an exquisitely prepared parade of home-grown dishes that accentuates both the season outside and the years of experience the kitchen staff have garnered in renowned restaurants all over the planet. Lather, rinse, repeat—plus a soak in the Japanese-style furo (hot pool) or a hike around the private river and ponds—and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe to recharge your post-wedding batteries.

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