Vibe Of The Month: Zee Avi

Editor’s note: Vibe Of The Month (VOTM) is a brand new section we’re introducing here on Every month, we get one of our favourite artists, celebrities, and personalities to put together a playlist and tell us the story behind it. Our very first VOTM is curated by Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi, who takes us on a very eclectic journey back in time.

Music has always been an integral part of my evolution and growth. And just like the seasons, my affinity for certain songs and genres changes as I journey on.

However, like in the seasons, memories are created; for me, nostalgia has always been my favourite emotion.

Some of us outgrow the music our parents introduced to us from their youth, though the songs from their yesteryears speak volumes to me more than I can describe.

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Music was both simpler and more complex back then.

Every word was poetry, every melody was a symphonic decision, grouped with authenticity, sincerity, and honesty—which are all the powerful ingredients to a beautiful song.

Below is a list of songs I will always take with me no matter what phase I enter in life, these songs have become a residence for all core memories from my childhood, and teenage years, and songs that awakened my songwriting journey.

In no particular order, here is an eclectic mix and hopefully something for everyone to enjoy!

Love and many blessings,

Zee Avi

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