Op-Ed: The Power of Leandra Medine on Monocycle

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To what pleasure do I owe to have been blessed with a weekly podcast titled Monocycle by Leandra Medine. A creative journal of personal thoughts for a bite size ten minutes. I will admit slight insanity on my end, as I listened to all 36 of her podcasts religiously over and over again every morning before work and every night before I sleep, on loop. Her tone is humorous and light-hearted quoting the citizens of the world as “jolly human Prozac pills” and defines the new cult term ‘start-up chic’ as “computers dressed in Gucci” – with that being said, what makes Monocycle the most profound and authentic voice across the World Wide Web? A simple formula of keeping it real without any type of guard or defence mechanism ready to pounce and retaliate.

Image: Man Repeller

Image: Man Repeller

Leandra unravels the discourse of life with a sense of new fangled self awareness that is unafraid to express a bruised ego or a life misfortune that is hard to say let alone hear as a listener. Her honesty is accented with a candid nonchalance that almost blinds me from the manipulated realm of the online world where everything you see, hear and watch is a strategic placement of subliminal brainwash. There is truly nothing more engaging and refreshing than human story telling in the digital era and Leandra is your textbook example. May her life chronicles stay archived in the clouds as one of the best and most honourable success stories of our time.

Below are my favourite podcasts of from the Monocycle series, I hope you will enjoy them (and learn from them) as much as I did.

#1. Paris

#2. Not Pregnant

#3. Addicted to the Comfort Zone

#4. Self-Sabotage

#5. Relationships

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