Discover the Magic of George Town’s ChinaHouse

Bursting with character and colour at every corner, ChinaHouse is an established cultural destination and one of George Town’s many hero locales that rests on the cosmopolitan boulevards of Beach Street like a king on a throne.

The dizzying spread of cakes signature of the China House experience at Kopi C

The dizzying spread of cakes is signature to the diversified tastes of Kopi C which extends a bevy of epicurean delights.

A traditional compound of three heritage buildings linked by an open-air courtyard, the compound is converted into 14 spaces comprising of shops, cafes, a restaurant, galleries, live music and a bakery. There is no better way to describe the ChinaHouse experience other than to appreciate its sophisticated design to encompass a series of leisurely indulgences.



It was my first night in Penang and first on my list was an evening with ChinaHouse, a place I heard fond stories of from my friend Antonia Ghazlan. Little did I know what pivotal value that night had in store for me, as I sat down with Narelle McMurtrie, creative mastermind behind ChinaHouse and founder of Bon Ton and Temple Tree Langkawi for a humbling dinner at BTB. ChinaHouse’s signature dining destination where a timeless colour palette of blue and white greeted us with warmth.

The Reading Room in China House boasts a plethora of literature for guests to browse and roam in a land of words.

The Reading Room in ChinaHouse boasts a plethora of literature for guests to browse and roam in a land of words.

I embarked on an enchanting adventure, one that was unfamiliar and mysterious as I uncovered each corner like continents. Each room made for the detailed eye was exceptional and eclectic in its own way. The Reading Room was a delightful gem that comprised of literary possessions that spelled every flavour and colour from the wonderful world of arts.

The spacious art gallery of China House often plays hosts to exhibitions

The spacious art gallery of ChinaHouse often plays hosts to Penang’s most reputed exhibitions.

Eyes wide with wonder, I ventured up the stairs to a vast and indulgent space of ChinaHouse’s art gallery where a curated collection of art sit atop the bustling full house below. Truly a joyful enclave I marvelled at its collective of curated designs tailored to entice the senses with an array of whimsical pieces, small trinkets and home and decor vignettes sprinkled and sprawled throughout its elongated property.

14 Chairs Private Dining Area

14 Chairs Private Room

Venture a little deeper and allow your imagination to take flight in the kaleidoscopic interiors of private dining area, 14 Chairs and a fantastical bar called Vine + Single. It emanated an ambiance so grand within a space so modest.

A world of old and new is emblematic of ChinaHouse, a juxtaposition seamless by experience.

As sunset inched closer, I could feel the pulsating hot spot brew with anticipation as the evening drew to a close. The night got younger and throngs of people gathered at Canteen for its Friday night live performances. All in all, ChinaHouse is undeniably a must-try, must-see, must-taste, multi-sensory venue made for the curious mind and spirited soul. 5 out of 5 golden stars.

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ChinaHouse is located at 153 & 155 Beach Street, 183B Victoria Street, 10300 George Town, Penang, Tel: +604 – 263 7299