Pitch Perfect with Sandra Mannas Wolf

Sandra Wolf catches up with BAZAAR before her upcoming show – Gloves Off! By Emmilyn Yeoh.

Sandra Mannas Wolf

At what age did you start singing?

I’ve been singing all my life – it drives my family up the wall most of the time.

When and how did your passion for music start?

I’ve always loved good melody, regardless of the genre. It started when I was five and I was taught the harmony for Silent Night from my mother.

Which music genre do you feel most comfortable with and why?

I love a wide range of interest in various genres, from early jazz to contemporary and classical. Re-arranging songs for my show ReVamped with my pianist Loh Ui L has been so much fun. We wanted to try something new so we turned a classic rock song into a country number, and the crowd loved it! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

Who are your role models?

In the music world, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, to name a few inspired me a lot from an early age. I was exposed to jazz music through my father who was a huge fan and collector of rare LPs. In my teen years, I loved the Electric Light Orchestra and think Jeff Lynne is a genius.

From the feminine side of things,  Annie Lennox, Kate Bush, Natalie Cole – all strong and empowering women, also engaged me. On the other hand, as a present day, non-music-related role model would be Michelle Obama, for obvious reasons!

What is your advice to young aspiring entertainers?

Those who are really passionate about music should get their voices trained by professional coaches as they have experience and knowledge to build on your vocal strengths. One should also constantly work and train hard to push themselves further – you never know what you are capable of unless you try!

What makes you the happiest?

When I’m singing a song that makes me cry with happiness. Pure emotion is bliss, a taste of the divine.

Catch Sandra Wolf at her upcoming show ‘Gloves Off!’ on November 25 and 26 at Bobo KL.

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