#BAZAARJunior Great Escapes: Thinking Troves

Creative destinations that inspire the brilliance in your kids by Naressa Khan

Noonu Atoll, Maldives


Recreational activities come in waves at Cheval Blanc Randheli

Discover Maldivian marine life

Discover Maldivian marine life

What better way to teach your kids to appreciate marine life than to bring them out to sea? Located on the secluded stretch of Maldive’s Noonu Atoll, Cheval Blanc Randheli is known for hosting sea excursions for children. Invited from time to time are marine biologists and ecotourism experts that lead seafaring programmes for the young, including interactive diving, guided island tours, survival walks, snorkel safari, and underwater photography classes. www.randheli.chevalblanc.com/en 

Balassagyarmat, Hungary

The former office of Balassagyarmat, now a tourist site

The former office of Balassagyarmat, now a tourist site

If your child is a music prodigy, then a summer music camp is perfect. It’s even better if the camp is located in the exotic Balassagyarmat. The Hungarian town is known to host annual International Music Camps for musicians between ages 14 and 30. Participants can also take part in a competition in the prestigious institute where the winning piece is awarded a mysterious grand prize and a potential career in chamber music. www.rozsavolgyiart.hu

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Enjoy the world famous view from Lover's Leap of the Lookout Mountain

Enjoy the world famous view from Lover’s Leap of the Lookout Mountain

Let your child appreciate the beauty of nature with the tour guides

Let your child appreciate the beauty of nature with the tour guides

Nature-loving children with dreams of becoming archaeologists would love the offerings of the Rock City Gardens in Chattanooga town. The massive site on Lookout Mountain features ancient rock formations and a panoramic view of seven American states—Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. There is also the Enchanted Trail, Fairyland Caverns, and Mother Goose Village to explore and wander. The best part? It is accessible all year round. www.seerockcity.com

Kilkenny, Ireland

Back in the blue wonders of Kilkenny, Ireland with your mini-me; Image: Corbis

Back in the blue wonders of Kilkenny, Ireland with your mini-me | Image: Corbis

Humans paint a better future by learning from the past. Why don’t you take your parent-child bonding out of the norm, and enliven it in Kilkenny, Ireland, where you can learn the ropes of lineage tracing together? Located in various parts of the enchanting town are archives of birth, marriage, and death records, each holding vital answers waiting to be discovered. An iconic site not to be missed would be the O’Loughlin Memorial Church of St John the Evangelist. With many vacation packages offering educational tours around the city, your child’s access to the wonders of genealogy is just a click away. www.irelands-blue-book.ie

Miami, Florida

The historic Breakers Hotel, located on Palm Beach

The historic Breakers Hotel, located on Palm Beach

A visit to The Breakers in Miami’s Palm Beach might just be the ideal escape for you and your kids. The premises hosts Camp Breaker, a supervised beachfront programme in which children can participate while their parents enjoy their time alone elsewhere. But don’t be surprised if, come the time to pick up your kids, they refuse to leave, and instead, encourage you to take longer breaks. Suited for children of ages 3 through 12, the programme comprises of activities the likes of arts and crafts, intense scavenger hunts, and nightly explorations. Think about the myriad of survival skills they could pick up. Definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved in the vacation. www.thebreakers.com

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