BAZAAR Cities: Exploring Kuching with Melia and Sereni Linggi

BAZAAR Cities takes you into the world of a BAZAAR woman, from the places she dines, drinks, shops, and spas to all her secret spots to explore in a unique Malaysian city. Step into the shoes of five different Malaysian personalities who will take you on a tour to discover their hidden gems—right here in their native city. In this edition, the Linggi sisters, Melia and Sereni, share their favourite hunting and grazing grounds in exotic Kuching.

Kuching lifts the veil and invites us into a graceful cityscape of relaxed cosmopolitanism and a vibrant heritage sitting oh-so-comfortably alongside the raw nature that is Borneo.

Melia and Sereni Linggi at Cove 55

Home to the most exciting cultural festivals and purring to a rhythm completely its own, this is a city bursting with creative energy that boasts the best laksa in the region. As travellers here already know — Kuching is always a good idea.

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Meet the Linggi sisters; Melia and Sereni Linggi. Melia, Textile Director at the Tun Jugah Foundation makes her own tuak, will eat anything with truffles and loves laksa, negronis and a good sea breeze. She is grateful for the privilege of travelling whilst appreciating the grace of her homeland. She can’t walk past interior shops and museums without diving in.

Sereni is Superwoman. She juggles the demands of mothering two young girls with that of running her fashion brand Sereni & Shentel; manages a mall, and just to balance it all – teaches yoga 5 times a week at her boutique yoga studio. Sereni intends to fulfil every aspiration and ambition with passion and without regret. All this done, of course, oozing effortless style.

Step into their world:

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