Three Perfumes to Leave a Lasting Impression

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2. Woods, Warmth and Wonder with Eidesis Eau de Parfum by Aesop

A rich, woody presence and intriguing notes are what give the Eidesis Eau de Parfum its deeply captivating character. It opens with rousing top notes of sparkling Petitgrain, spicy Black Pepper and a subtle floral accord, leading to a resinous, spicy heart of Frankincense, Cumin and Cedar, before resting into a base of sumptuous Sandalwood, Cedar and earthy, green Vetiver. Its aroma is provocative yet comforting, seductive yet distinctly unconventional, taking its wearer to the edge of a pond, peering into its reflective surface.

As with all of Aesop’s fragrances, Eidesis knows no gender boundaries and is designed to be worn as an intimate layer that lingers on both body and mind.

50mL / RM715

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