8 Reasons Why You Can Still See Your Dark Circles


Cucumber patches? Tick. Eight hours sleep? Tick. Endless application of eye cream? Tick. We get it, you’ve tried just about everything, yet still can’t shake that dullness under your eyes.

While it’s true that genetics can play a part, it’s also worth knowing a few tricks of the trade – particularly when it comes to mastering concealer.

Chances are, anyone you think has been blessed with a miraculously bright under-eye area, is actually just really good at knowing where – and how – to apply their base.

From using too dark a shade of concealer to applying too much of the wrong eye cream, here’s eight reasons why you can’t seem to leave your baggage behind.

1. You need a different vitamin

Sure, vitamin C is great for brightening but if you’re not noticing greyness fade, try an eye cream that contains vitamin K. Used and loved by cosmetic surgeons, it prevents bruising and neutralises any purple in the skin. We love: Jason Lightening Vitamin K Creme, £14.65, tapped under the eyes.

2. You’re going too dark

Go for a concealer that is one, or even two, shades lighter than your foundation and make sure it has a light-yellow tone to it; this will brighten up the skin instantly.

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3. You’re using too much eye cream

Use your eye creams and gels sparingly. Excess product actually just builds up underneath the skin, which only results in puffiness.

4. You picked the wrong eyeshadow

Instead of dark, smoky eyes, try paler colours, like ivory-hues, all over the lids in a cream formula – not only will this texture provide a base coat that lasts for hours, but the lighter shade will also open and brighten up your eyes. Simple but very effective. Try: Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Shadows, £22 or Kiko’s Cream Crush Eyeshadows, £6.90.

5. You need another pillow

Many experts recommend sleeping with an extra pillow – the additional height is said to promote lymphatic drainage which, in other words, can help to prevent fluid from settling in the skin around your eyes.

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6. Your concealer isn’t enough

If a regular concealer isn’t cutting the mustard, try a peach or pink corrector beforeyour concealer to minimise the purple or green tones underneath the skin. The darker your skin, the peachier the corrector you need to go for. We love: Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids, £17.10 each.

7. You’re not applying concealer right

Concealer will only look fresh if you apply it in thin layers – otherwise it’ll cake and make you look even more tired than before. Swipe a little on your finger, press it against the back of your hand to remove excess, then gently tap over any shadows. If it starts to crinkle throughout the day, smooth a little eye cream over the top to refresh.

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8. You need a better cleanser

Sometimes dark circles can simply be caused by eye make-up residue. So, two words: Jojoba oil. It’s a very effective and hydrating (not to mention natural) ingredient, so look for it in your make-up remover, as it will just help everything to melt off gently. As a bonus it’s a great moisturiser too. Our all-time favourite: Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, £32.