A Journey to The Exotic Lands of Garden of Yves

Marrakech. First, you hear the cacophony of sounds. The hypnotic lull of the pungi being played by snakecharmers, leather merchants offering you the world and more--everyone a storyteller, as the medina of Jemma el-Fna comes into view. The sights, sounds, and scents hit you without warning, culminating in an otherworldly experience unlike anything else, the feeling of having travelled back in time. But, enough excitement for one night. Jet-lagged after a 24-hour flight that it took to get here, I retire to my ornate chamber in the legendary La Mamounia with its filigreed lamps, heavily carved wooden doors, and marbled floors. Here, I drift off to much needed sleep, with dreams of Marlene Dietrich walking through the darkened corridors …

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The miracle ingredient responsible for making all this happen lies in the ground-breaking discovery of the Moonlight Cactus–so rare it blooms only for 6 hours every year and releases its potent sugar during this rare occasion. This extremely precious ingredient–which features in the Night Reboot Serum, reduces signs of urban fatigue by the very first morning by acting in a similar manner to melatonin and counters the effects of an unbalanced lifestyle and deregulated body clock that inhibits melatonin secretion, which weakens the skin’s capacity for renewal.

Night Reboot contains one-third oil and two-third exfoliating agents. Where the exfoliating phase has 3.4% glycolic acids to reveal the skin and reduce all signs of fatigue linked to an urban environment, the smooth oil contains moonlight cactus to protect the skin from oxidative stress,” says Negre, adding that the total content of the glycolic acid makes it safe to use nightly. “Mixed together, this unique combination will reduce all visible signs of ageing on the skin.”

Unlike any other serum out there, the Night Reboot Serum’s breakthrough bi-phase technology was a challenge to meet the demands of modern day women who had to have a skincare regime that could keep up with their hectic lifestyle. “We really wanted to give our customers an overnight effect. Women don’t want to have to wait. So (the lab) told us, we have a solution—it’s a bi-phase solution,” says Maynard. “This aids in a really high chance of skin renewal because you have the oil separated, and it also soothes the skin strongly without irritation or creating a bad reaction.”

The results of a study conducted on 50 women reported 88% softer skin and 81% smoother skin by the after just one night, and by the end of 28 days, 94% of women felt their skin was softer, and more revitalised. “We want to empower women to be who they are without having to worry about their skin,” says Maynard. “It’s for the ladies with crazy hectic schedules, which almost all modern women have, between your career, your friends, your children and finding time to go out. It’s all that made into one step, and we really want to empower women to not stop and still get the skin they want.”

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