BAZAAR SPA AWARDS 2019: Most Revitalising Escape

 Most Revitalising Escape: Pangkor Laut Resort

Unwind post-treatment at the Spa Village Pangkor Laut pavilion

Surrounded by a ravishing rainforest, my vacation in paradise at Pangkor Laut Resort started with a soothing foot bath and an interesting rhythmic foot hammering at Spa Village Pangkor Laut, which honours healing traditions of the region. I slipped into my alter ego, a time-travelling warrior from the 1500s, ready for his standard Tuesday morning ritual—the Bukit Gantang Warrior Treatment. From a thorough Urutan Panglima (Warrior Massage) that got all my muscles and limbs loose and limber to a herbal hair treatment aptly named Ikal-Ikal, the attention to detail in these spa treatments befit a warrior, regardless of the decade. After that, a herbal scrub got me squeaky clean and ready for what’s to come. In the olden days, it would have meant gearing up for the definitive male activity: fighting in the war. But today, it’s a long soak in a delicious concoction of tea, herbs, and kaffir lime that gave me time to relax and recalibrate the mind, followed by a 15-minute essential oil steam bath. After this well-balanced treat that addressed the different aspects of the body and mind, I emerged a refreshed warrior, who thankfully, got to walk away from this with memories of a one-of-a-kind experience.—Joshua Fitton

Slip into a state of bliss to the calming sounds of lapping waves

I left my chaotic life and accumulated anxiety at the door, as soon as I confided in my Ayurveda expert consultant on matters related to my body, skin, and sleep. Per his recommendation, a list of natural remedies that included a customised concoction of oils was soon working its charm on my body and skin. After the unique bathhouse ritual of a contrasting cold Malay “circulating” bath and hot Japanese soak in the Rotenburu pool, as well as the breathing in of scented water vapours to stimulate the senses, my Ayurvedic therapist used Abhyanga massage techniques to harness the power of Ayurveda and achieve optimal healing for me. She started with firm palm presses throughout my body, and switched it up with her thumbs to relieve the tension in my shoulders. After the Mukha Lepam facial, I was revitalised with positive energy and my skin was in its best state.

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The next day, I was very excited for the Royal Secrets of Puteri Lindungan Bulan treatment, based on ancient Malay wedding traditions. The fact that an old custom would be executed in a modern spa setting was particularly fascinating for me. My time in my private spa hut began with a facial and body scrub called Boros, where turmeric and galangal cleansed and loosened up dead surface cells on my skin, giving it a nice glowing radiance. I asked for the Urutan Gamelan to be a strong massage, and boy, did my wish come true. The exotic oils smelled of fragrant jasmine and magnolia, putting me in a state of bliss. My tresses were well taken care of during the Ikal Mayang treatment, too. Finally, it was my royal moment, as I stepped into the fragrant milk bath with coloured flowers.—Leila Fitton 

Leila and Joshua Fitton, all blissed out

Pangkor Laut Island, Lumut, Perak. Tel: 05-699 1100.