Beat The Heat: 5 Ways to Keep Your Makeup In Place

The Lunar festivities are back, and nothing like the good ol' Malaysian culture of house-hopping to kick start the ang pao-giving (or receiving) season! Whether you're on that 5-hour drive back to your hometown, or catching up with your childhood BFFs, there's always a good time to sneak in a cheeky selfie to show-off your blinding highlight.

Undoubtedly, the weather might not be our best of friends at times of a perfect photo op--looking like a hot, sweaty mess is probably not the look you were going for. Here are 5 ways to have you looking like when you first stepped out the house, all day!

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2. It’s Prime Time!

Makeup primers are often deemed unnecessary by many–seen as “just another beauty product“–but its power lies not in its instantaneity, but in its consistency; its consistency of creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup to allow longer wear time. Makeup clings on to primers through sweat, oil and everything in between.

Left-Right: Givenchy Prisme Primer, Make Up For Ever Step 1, YSL Beauté All Hours Primer, LANCÔME La Base Pro


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